Post: Why is My Website Not Ranking on Google

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You must be wondering being a best content provider on your website that why is my website not ranking on Google? Or why my website is not having traffic? If you want an answer to these questions, you are at right place.

There are a lot of factors that affects your website ranking or plays a vital role in affecting the traffic that comes to your website.

Your website will rank on Google only if the content you are providing satisfies the audience. It must be relevant to search trends. there must be an authentic content that attracts the readers. It must have the essence that compel the audience to stay on our site and get the required information in most attractive content format.

There are more reasons for why is your website not ranking on Google.

Let us discuss in detail:

Device Optimization

People search for keywords and required information on different devices. You might have provided the most relevant content but haven’t optimize your content for mobile. Not optimizing mobile responsiveness plays a role in not ranking your website on Google as a large percentage of users search keywords on mobile!

Keywords Count-Optimized or Stuffed?

Choice of the niche you opt to write on, is index only if you target the exact keywords people search on Google and have less or medium competition. Also your website will rank in Google only if you use keywords throughout your content beautifully with tactics.

Using required amount of keywords in your content is good. But if you think excessive use of keywords in your content will help more in ranking then you are doing wrong. You are only stuffing it in the content. This is again a reason that your website is not ranking on Google.

Content Duplication

Google does not rank duplication of content. May be you have written a unique content by your effort but have not researched for its plagiarism check! May be a content you upload is already present on Google. This is another reason that your website is not ranking on Google.

 You need to do a proper research when working on any niche content, its competition, exact keywords, images, and videos, etc. Otherwise you are not going to rank on Google.

Crawling And Indexing of a Website

Your website is not going to rank if there is no proper indexing done by Google. If Google bots are unable to crawl your website pages/content, it is difficult for Google to index it. This is the reason that your website is not ranking on Google as it cannot find the important and relevant pages.

It means same you have not provided the search engine address of our website. When you sitemap your website page URLs you have more and better chance to rank high on Google.

Speed Of Website Load

Don’t get surprise by this factor! Many people think that this is one of the main reasons that websites are not ranking on Google.

And yes, it is!

You might have the best content on your website exactly that is searched by the user. You may hae done the best SEO strategies for your site to get rank higher. But not notice the page speed load time. Everyone on search engine wants the best and fast results for their keywords. And a delayed load time will eventually cause no visitors to your website.

Visit Time Of a Website- Bounce Rate

Here comes another noticeable factor that has to do with your website to rank on Google. Suppose user search for some keyword and click on your website. Sounds good, right? But what about if he/she stays for not more than 4-5 seconds. This is a bounce rate that for how much time a user stays on your website. This plays an important role in ranking your website on Google.

So generally a low bounce rate means your user engagement is doing well for your website in ranking it high on Google.

Backlinks Choice

Backlinks is a great option for trafficking. Your website needs to be recognized first, when is published. People trust your website through backlinks from authentic websites. But some do not understand the main strategy of back linking and complain about why my website is not ranking on Google? They opt for quantity not quality with spammy websites. Which eventually cause their website to de-rank on google.

Timely Updates On The Website/Content

Another reason why is your website not ranking on Google is a timely updates of content on your website. Everyone on internet wants an updated content. Everyday people search for something new or want an updated content that is previously available on Google.

Your website will not rank on Google if you are not uploading content on regular basis or not updating your website as a whole according to everyday SEO strategy needs.

Panelization By Google

Your website is not ranking on Google if you are violating any of Google guidelines and policies regarding your website and its content even if it is done without any intention! This again include duplication of content, bad/spammy backlinks. You must follow rules of Google Guidelines properly when uploading any content as it may be a reason in de-ranking your website in no time.

Google My Business Account

If you don’t have a Google My Business Account, your website may suffer to rank on Google. If you create Google my business account, Google will index your website pages for more relevant content resulting your Website ranking on Google.

 Another reason for not ranking by not having Google My Business Account is that people trust on websites that has more strong presence on Google search results. So if you are so best in your content and website, people still look for your Google My Business Account!


There are so many factors you should work on when wants to rank your website on Google. You need to check each and every aspect that may create problems later or early. You should not focus on the front view of your content. The Off-page balancing strategies are even more important as they may cause long term and un-identified problems later.

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