Post: SEO Web Hosting-Most Trending Approach by Website Proprietors

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SEO-Making your Effort More Productive

SEO plays a vital role in a website ranking high on search engines. Among hundreds of factors that Google considers while ranking websites in top search results, SEO is one among them.

SEO and Web Hosting

We all know, that a website must need a web host for getting access to the internet. The terms SEO and web hosting are so interlinked for any website for more traffic and the best possible interaction.

When we talk about SEO, we simply mean that we want our website in the top searches of google. But it can be affected by many factors and Web Hosting is a major one.

Web hosting is a more affecting factor for trafficking on a website for SEO.

SEO Web Hosting-Factors that need to be Improved

For the best ranking in google searches and more traffic to the website, there are many factors that can be overcome and improved. Following are some facts that have a major effect on SEO and should be taken into account while choosing a web hosting provider.

Shared Hosting- Unethical approach toward SEO

As shared hosting shares hundreds of thousands of websites on the same server, there is a possibility of malicious websites accessing the server. However, your website is top-ranked, due to those malicious websites, the IP address for that server is signaled red and hence resulting in dropping down your website rank.

You must check for those web hosting providers that have a backup plan in shared hosting for your website when this issue occurs so that your website data and rank will remain safe.

Decrease Load Time- More Reliability

Load time refers to the time a website takes to load when clicked. A good and reliable website is one that takes 1 to 2 seconds to load otherwise users will leave your website page and select another one. Most websites have customized SEO for ranking but even then those websites can’t get more traffic because of increased load time.

Overcoming Server Downtime-Uptime Guarantee

A website that doesn’t load is worse than a website that loads slowly. A low-performance web hosting will result in downtime of the server making your website invisible on search engines badly affecting your website SEO. When you select a web hosting provider keep in mind that it should have a backup plan and performance preferences to overcome downtime problems and maintain SEO rankings.

Prioritize Local Host-Targeting Local Audience

Targeting the local audience will bring more traffic to your website than global ones supporting SEO ranking on Google. Using a local host on the server will let the users search and visit relevant websites you provide as a target for more trafficking. Most business markets use local hosts to get more traffic to their websites which helps SEO rank and trafficking.

SEO-Friendly Domain Names and TLD

This part of supporting SEO web hosting is very important because the domain name for a website is the most remembered part for accessing a website and taking more traffic along with SEO techniques. So while choosing a web hosting provider domain name selection must be prioritized so that it ranks on the top google search with a good web hosting performance.


For successful business websites that have more traffic and are ranked high on google search, not only on-page SEO is enough but also a high-performance web hosting provider plays a vital role. You must opt for a web hosting provider that has no shared server, less load time, a guaranteed no downtime, and use SEO-friendly domain names and TLD names so as to yield the best performance of the website and yet the best SEO-supportive web hosting.

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