Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing-Which is a better approach?

For any business to start or run, it is not enough to select the right type of business market but also to make marketing strategies that affect the targeted audience to come and avail of your services.

Marketing in any way is so important to promote a business as it acknowledges the targeted audience about products and services best way possible.

Before going into a debate on which type of marketing to approach let us define both in brief.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing involves direct methods of advertisements of business companies for products and services to its audience. This includes marketing through phones, posters, banners, TVs, Radios, newspapers, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a method to approach a targeted audience through the internet. This is a more easy way to advertise a business’s products and services. This marketing type includes social media sites, blogs, promotional ads, paid pop-ups, etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy- A Better Approach

The world we are living in is considered a tech hub where technology is growing so rapidly, that anything we want is just one click away.

Almost everyone uses the internet nearly for all aspects of their life. From starting a business to taking it to its peaks, the internet plays an important role.

Digital Marketing as compared to traditional marketing is the best strategy for many reasons.

Digital Marketing; A Long-Term Marketing

Traditional marketing tails off after a certain period as it uses the medium of newspapers or TV or posters in which the client engagement is not much as the company target for their market success.

Whereas in digital marketing, there is a long-term engagement of the targeted audience with the different markets. They are given access to the internet to engage with different brands and business markets which in turn, gives clients traffic to their products and services.

Digital Marketing; A Cost-effective Approach

Traditional marketing is where short-term marketing is not so effective to reach the targeted audience, it is also an expensive medium and generates low ROI (Return on Investment).

On the other hand, digital marketing is a cheaper way to reach out to the targeted audience in a way to achieve market success and brand promotion, etc. Digital marketing ROI is high as it involves social media platforms to advertise for long-term profit.

Digital Marketing; Rapid Promotion Strategy

Traditional marketing does not yield real-time results as compared to digital marketing in which you get immediate response from the audience interacting through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


In a debate to approach digital marketing strategy or traditional marketing strategy, it is concluded that digital marketing is a trending approach in all aspects over traditional marketing. Digital marketing is a more affordable way to interact with the targeted audience. Digital marketing gives people a long-term interactive medium with different brands and business markets through online media sites. This marketing strategy is a real-time responsive approach where you get an immediate response from the targeted audience on whether your company product/ service meets their needs.


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