Agile Software Development; A Best Methodology

Software Development is a big job to do itself. But choosing the right development method is a more tough part!

Different methodologies are adopted for different projects according to their size, budget risks usability, and other key characteristics.

Agile Software Development is today’s best-adapted method for larger projects as it is a more flexible method than all other development methods. The major term that makes agile development different from other methodologies is the Agile Manifesto. This term follows the following principles and thus makes the environment more collaborative for both the development team and the customer.

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan

Agile Development is the best Methodology; Why?

There are many valid reasons why to opt for the agile methodology for software development. Some of them are described below:

Customer Engagement; More Satisfaction

As mentioned, the agile methodology focuses more on customer direct engagement with the development team throughout, from the planning phase to the final product as software. The traditional method involves customer engagement only at the requirements phase which causes some feature drawbacks leading to customer dissatisfaction.

But in the agile methodology, the development team provides a customer with a sprint as a software demo which is analyzed and reviewed. The development team then works dynamically to add or remove features from the existing software until the required milestone is achieved and customer satisfaction is ensured.

Time Effective; Timely Delivery is Predicted

In this methodology, it is easy to schedule a development method process as it comprises sprints of time taking 1 to 4 weeks. Customer involvement is again a beneficial part of the time management for the completion of software.

The project owner knows well what he wants. And better decision-making in collaboration with the development by reviewing the sprint at end of 4 weeks helps the team with any change in the existing sprint reducing the total time for software with all required features to be delivered on time, making it an effective deliverable.

 Cost Prediction

The agile methodology process is a sprint-based process with a time-bound deliverable at the 4th-week maximum time, so the cost is predicted as well. As the customer reviews the sprint for any feature modification, so the cost can be estimated for the software project with high quality as there is a previous sprint available for changes.

Risk Reduction

Using the agile development method, risks are reduced at every sprint. As customers give continuous feedback, the risk graph is reduced to the lowest at the final project deliverable.


The agile software development method process ensures the high quality of software. As this method follows an incremental process that is developed as a sprint which is throughout reviewed by a collaboration of a customer in the project. The changes in the sprint are made accordingly without a compromise on quality.


As there is the involvement of the customer in the project from the time of plan/requirements to any required feature change in the sprint, the customer gets a clear view of the whole software. They have the overall vision and are updated on the software project almost on daily basis.

This gives you another reason why the agile method is best to choose as it follows a clear pathway hence giving enough transparency.


Another reason why the agile methodology is a better option for software development is adaptability. As there are sprints for customer feedback, the information about the existing sprint is stored in the sprint backlog.

The sprint backlog makes it easy for the development team for any feature change in the existing sprint by getting enough information from the sprint backlog. The new features are added so that the overall software is not affected by the new feature added and improves the usability.

ROI(Return On Investment): Business Profit

Features aren’t a mandatory part to make it good working software.  But choosing those features for the software that makes high ROI is very important.

A customer knows well the business market for the software he wants. Also, the collaboration of the development team and the customer throughout the development process makes it a more engaging discussion for features which to add and which not to, having no compromise on investment and hence giving a high ROI.


Agile Software development is the best to choose for software in all respect. As it is a well-managed, customer engagement-based method, in which there is no waste of time, cost, risks, etc. the priority of any development team is to satisfy the customer. The agile methodology serves best for customer satisfaction as there is customer engagement from the time of planning and requirements until the end software is developed and the customer is satisfied.


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